The highly experienced Monolithic Corporate team, we work in partnership with you to define the rules, relationships, policies, systems and processes you feel you need to enable your business to increase value, support management while benefiting employees, shareholders and the community.  


Any Board Chair, CEO or business owner who is keen to improve operations and/or provide competitive advantage to increases the value of your business and enable you to focus on the right parts of your business – your customers.


The Monolithic Corporate team works with your business to establish your current state and identify potential oversite – as well as opportunities. Once your needs are established, we build and deliver a plan of action, embedding new process, policy and framework within your business.

The best way to familiarise people with new systems is to integrate it with their daily tasks. To that end, we ensure an effective handover to your people to manage the system, providing ongoing coaching and support to equip your people to work autonomously and efficiently.

Monolithic Corporate can assist organisations in a number of way including:

  • Review and advise Board & management skill sets and effectiveness

  • Advise and update corporate governance programs

  • Advise and implement risk management programs

  • Operational and project risk assessment and audits

  • Company/Project legal and corporate due diligence

  • Strategic planning and facilitation

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