Monolithic Corporate provide independent and experienced experts able to offer hands on, practical advice to support specific business areas that will help make a difference to business success.  

Monolithic Corporate advisory services include health checks, reviews and assessments of activities within your organisation focusing on the management and governance aspects to help you improve your operations. 


Assessments and insights on the development or interactions with a governing or advisory Board, assessments on existing practices and provision of insights and perspectives to key personnel accountable for ongoing continual improvement of the management and governance environment within your business.


Board Chairs, Board members, CEO’s, business owners and senior leaders who are seeking an independent perspective on opportunities for improvement and potential and existing risks.


Our advisors review existing practices identifying strengths and weaknesses and provide insights on opportunities for improvement given your businesses strategy and ideal outcomes.  This may include identifying key frameworks and policy needs to satisfy a governing Board, how to realign your culture to think ‘board’ and defining lines between the Board and Management.

Monolithic Corporate can assist organisations in a number of way including:

  • Project assessment and development

  • Organisational reviews and operational performance monitoring

  • Risk and compliance management plans and audits

  • Business development strategies and policy development

  • Roll-out management of corporate strategies and programs

  • Agreement and contract management

  • Staff engagement, performance reviews and human resources management


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